The NIS (NEM server) and the NCC (NEM wallet) are completely separated. As shown in this tutorial a person does not need a NIS to send and receive XEM or assets, they only need a wallet. Likewise in this tutorial, we will learn that a NIS does not need a wallet to start a full node and start harvesting.

This can easily be done through the NIS file located in the nis folder. For stand alone users you can find this in the package folder. For people using the installer, it will be in your program files in the NEM folder.

Step 1.

Once you have opened the nis folder double click on You will need to delete the following data in the red boxes.

Step 2.

You will then fill in the spaces with the following information.

After nis.bootKey = it is VERY IMPORTANT at this point to only use your delegated harvesting private key, and not your regular private key.

After nis.bootName = enter the name of your node. You may pick any name you would like and can make it in color by following this tutorial.

That is it! Next time you start your NIS only, then your server will automatically boot a node and start harvesting on the delegated key provided.


If in the case you would like to harvest on more than one account. This is possible too. You can enter extra delegated harvesting private keys (only for delegated accounts) separating them by a pipe "|" after the line nis.additionalHarvesterPrivateKeys =.

You must also change the nis.unlockedLimit to at least the number of accounts you desire to have harvest.

Good luck and Happy Harvesting!